Weightless In The End
No Return Address Listed

You Are Terrifying

Second Chances Are For The Foolish

Scrape You Clean

I Am Not The Girl

X Marks The Spot

The Finality Of Moments

Lost Before It’s Found

Guide Your Soul Home


Our Sandcastle Life

Burn Them Down

The Life Is Enough

There’s A Difference

Loved & Lost

A Mouthful Of Silence

Watching Something Beautiful Die

I Won’t Forgive You

Of All The Things

A Sky Full Of Star-Crossed Lovers

Care To Dance Away The Sadness?

When The Tide Calls

Failing At Falling

We Are All Just Drowning In Drought

Sewn Together, Ripped Apart

Whole Body Heartbreak

Wishful Fingers Crossed Behind My Back

Sadly, My Loveless Love

Beach Glass Of A Broken Heart

Someday, I’ll Meet You

Winter’s End


Smoke Signals

Our Love Was An Ocean I Can No Longer Sail

Sweet Dreams

Love, Me.

This Is Leaving

Who Am I?

Someday, I’ll Be An Old House

Quickly, Sadly, Madly, Deeply

Happiness is Shipwrecked

You’ll Find Your Answers In The Questioning

Someday, You’ll Be Found

Wide Open

But If Not, Then

Never Minded

See Me Through

The Skeleton Of Something Beautiful

My Dear Sweet Girl

Everything Is Folding In

What You’ve Done

Suddenly, You’re Moving On

The Certainty of Uncertainties

I Dream In Light

Summer Chill
The End Sings of Darkness
Two Stars Collide
Patience, Impatiently
Float Back To Me

Sink or Swim


Reality Spins On

Three Years Too Late


Worries Over Water
Light Me Up
Rock Bottom Glistens

The Kindness of Death
Sinking Sincerity
Misery Madness
I Remember
Wishful Thinking With The Worst Intentions
Just The Other Day…
Sea of Secrets
We Crumble
Remembrance Field
Phantom Pain
Ode To Music
Everything Is Broken
A Long Overdue Litany
Remember To Forget.


11 thoughts on “Poetry

      1. Nah, not if it’s all in jest–a respectful knowing within that jest. Geez. You got me again. I’m right there in your gas chamber. Can we talk about this?

      2. It depends on what you have to say. I’m a new breed of Nazi that can be persuaded by fancy language.
        If you can’t write circles around me though: “Burn, baby, burn”.

  1. Hmmm. My curvatures occasionally suffer the bends. How about a square? Well, that’s depending on how bad the bout. It might be a triangle. Or a rhombus. Hopefully it’s not a rhombus. My rhombi are said to be hideously askew.

    How embarrassing.

    It’s funny that you talk about Nazis persuaded by language. At one point, Hitler loved everybody and was something of what would today be described as a “hippie”. He shed his flowers, however, at the age of 18, when an anti-semitic writer wooed his woe-free manner into a world of destitute detestitude for those descended from that land of milk and honey, the nation, Israel.

    Nazis just didn’t talk about it so much back then. Hitler would recite his favorite works into his pillow at night when no one could hear.

    The sobby bastard.

    1. Attention: You may exit the gas chamber to your left.
      Watch your step.
      Make sure there are no women or children following closely behind.
      Hope you enjoyed your stay.

      1. ‘Scuse me. ‘Scuse me. Yes, quite sorry. ‘Scuse me.

        Then it is just a light blast of helium and the drink is rolled out for a chipmunk party.


        It was wrong of me to allow Nazi past to incite current prejudice. After all, they’re very sorry.

        Hey, lemme back in! This chamber’s hoppin’!

        Daddy Chipmunkin’ tonight!

        **popular rap song fade out**

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